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Medical Products & Services
Secure, Direct and Consistent Supply

The Covid-19 Pandemic has created an overload on traditional medical supply chains. In response, we activated our extensive network of trusted partners, including direct manufacturers and licensed distributors of essential medical goods, to dis-intermediate the current procurement logjams.


We facilitate the ethical sourcing and delivery of top-quality, cost-effective, accredited health supplies, with a core focus on ensuring the best products, at the best price, go to those who need it most.

Clients include: Government Authorities (UK and International), Hospital Groups, NGOs, Private Corporations, Family Offices, Construction Groups and Retailers.


Cerescom connects with partners across the global PPE supply chain to deliver high-quality, ethically sourced medical supplies to those who need it most.

Products in our network, available as production and ready stock, include:

  • Medical examination gloves (Nitrile, Latex, TPE, Vinyl);

  • Masks (3 Ply, FFP2, FFP3);

  • Medical gowns;

  • Hand and Room disinfectant & purifying solutions


Cerescom represents manufacturers and authorised distributors of Rapid Antigen Tests. Suitable for use in any international market, for professional use and Self-Testing including: UK, EU, USA, Canada, Australia and Africa. Brands represented include: SD Biosensor, BIOHIT, CTK, Acon FlowFlex, Assure and Easy Diagnosis. These rapid antigen tests provide a result within 15 minutes, and have accuracy rivalling the "gold-standard" PCR tests.

Ethical & Sustainable Objectives

By definition, many medical goods are used in bio-hazardous environments. The vast majority of products, therefore, are single use in nature.

Cerescom Limited prioritises partnerships with logistics partners and manufacturing groups who can prove they are operating ethically across their supply chain, and are actively investing in sustainable manufacturing practices. 

For example, Cerescom directly represent a glove manufacturer who, through R&D partnerships in the UK have developed a new latex glove range proving to be 100x more biodegradable than the market average. Moreover, it will be made from a non-allergenic latex mix, with far fewer steps required in the manufacturing chain. The Cranfield University Report indicates this will ultimately reduce the environmental impacts which occur, during both the manufacturing and the disposal of these essential goods, by: 

  • Lowering overall energy consumption to produce the final product

  • Reducing hazardous chemicals required

  • Increase the number of those who can use the product

  • Securing a market advantage, and setting a positive standard for other manufacturers

  • Ultimately lowering average market prices

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